Hi again,  So after a lot of thought we have decided to move accounts to a new hosting provider (one last time).  We will be using digital ocean http://www.digitalocean.com/ from now on for all of our shared django hosting accounts. We have spoken with them and they seem to be a great bunch of people with great hardware and a similar vision to ours and also seem to be very honest something i cannot say about burstnet. We realize some people have most likely already started to move their accounts and might not want to stick around with NCSA, we understand.  We ask people who have moved to please let us know that you will not be renewing your hosting with us that way we can limit the account moves to the active accounts. We will only be moving active accounts so if you are staying with us make sure you have no unpaid invoices. The move will be done over the next week or so.  We aren't having any issues with burstnet at the moment so core3 and core4 should be o.k for the meantime. So for those of you who will stick around the move will be done the same way it was done last time except you will only get a email after the move will be completed we will not send a email to advise people of the move (consider this that email).  We will do the best we can to avoid any down time for websites but since we did this once before we expect things to go relatively well.

If you are sticking with us we also ask you to open a support ticket requesting the account move this will help prioritize moves for people that genuinely want to stick around.  We understand that all this can be a bit of a pain .. no one knows this better than us really. But we can assure you this is the last time we do something like this.  Digital ocean is great company and we are moving there because we have every bit of confidence in them that we will never have issues with them like we had with burstnet.  They provide free backups, right now they do not track bandwidth or charge for it because clients can't view any graphs (honest right) The level of support is also great.  So we are confident that our setup should thrive in this new data center. 

Those of you that are using dedicated IP addresses for SSL enabled websites I am sorry but we will not be able to move your accounts.  We will send you a email to let you know of the details but we suggest setting up a droplet with digital ocean and hosting your application there. The reason for this is each droplet is limited to 1 IP so we can't host more then one SSL application since each needs it's own IP.  

Thank you for all your continued support in this matter.  If any of this is unclear for you please open a support ticket and let us know what you are unsure about.

P.S. The new servers will be much faster then the old ones.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

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